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Hello, my name is Mark Klentzman and I am a professional wedding and event DJ entertainer.  I currently reside in Austin, Texas, but I am available Texas-wide and everywhere else for your entertaining pleasures, including the Houston - DFW - San Antonio triangle, inside and out! (my wife wrote this for me...isn't she the best!)

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Klentzman Entertainment is your number one choice for Austin,
Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio event and wedding entertainment. Also available for destination weddings. 

I love what I do and I always hope it shows. That makes all the difference! :) 

Klentzman Entertainment Promo from Mark Klentzman on Vimeo.



This is Special!

Stay with You (John Legend) cover by Mark Klentzman from Mark Klentzman on Vimeo.

Recently my cousin Lindsay got married and I wasn't able to be there. Lindsay has always been one of my favorite cousins and about 10 years ago she made me promise to sing a certain song at her wedding. I'm sure she forgot that promise but I didn't. I was hoping that I could sing it in person but since I was already booked and her wedding was in Maryland I decided to enlist a friend's help to make it a video. (BTW I love to travel and will go ANYWHERE but as of yet I can't be in two places at once...I'll keep you posted when I clone myself.) <--scary thought! 

So I got together with my friend Alex and made a little music video. I sent it to her a few nights before the wedding as a surprise, and to my surprise and honor, she decided to use it for her first dance! 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I do my job. Bringing joy to the people I love. Every wedding or event I do adds more members to my family. This one did literally haha! It's always a joy and an honor to do a wedding and see old friends and old couples from past weddings. 

I did over 60 weddings last year and this year should be even crazier! But we're all a little bit crazy, right? I love it! 


Exciting times! 

So it has been a crazy year, ladies and gentlemen! In 2012 Klentzman Entertainment had 49 weddings and 113 other gigs.....CRAZY!  I can't believe how blessed we've been to have such amazing people for clients!  You guys are the best! But now it is off with the old and in with the new.  2013 is already looking to be even bigger than 2012!  The year is almost completely booked and it's only February!

Now it is time to unleash the kraken. We just finished a video with Simmons Visual Arts to answer the most typical questions everyone has about KE.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

1. You sing??? (but...you're a skinny white guy...) 

2. What's the difference between an Entertainer and a DJ?

3. The other DJs I've seen never left the DJ booth.  How do you interact more with everyone?

4. I want a fun wedding and I have a wide age range coming! How would you make it fun for everyone?

5. My family might need some encouragement to dance. How would you go about that?

6. Do you play the same old wedding music?

7. What do you wear?  The last DJ we saw was an old bald guy in a Texas sequin vest.

and if the video doesn't answer all of your questions, feel free to ask me yourself!  I'm also in the process of updating my preferred vendors list.  I have worked with some amazing people in the past few years and I always look forward to working with more amazing people.  But if you need a good vendor wherever you are, I think I've put together a great list :)

Thanks for checking out Klentzman Entertainment! I hope you have an amazing year! And if I don't see you just remember that it's not what you don't do...


At Christmas Time

It's Christmas time. We've heard the same music over and over and over, but I love it all.  I was driving in the car and this song came to me, I recorded a few samples while stuck in Houston traffic. It sounds funny but it happens.  I have always wanted to write an original Christmas tune.  This is my first attempt and VoiceJam gave me an outlet for the music.  I hope to be able to sing it with my family when we all get together.  This song is just a little musical reminder of what Christmas is all about. 

Jesus, love, and harmonies.

Feliz Navidad!

Mark Klentzman


Thanksgiving fun!

Hey Everybody! Thanksgiving was such a fun time with my whole family.  My parents, my SIX siblings, a few spouses, a bunch of cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.  It was way too much fun.  I wrote an original song for us to sing together which didn't end up happening because we were too busy singing other songs to my super cute little nephew.  This is my VoiceJam version.  Again, I don't do this kind of thing when I DJ, but this is me getting some harmonies out of my head.  VoiceJam has given me an outlet :)

I hope it brings you joy!


Mark Klentzman


What I've been up to...

Hey Everybody! Thanks for coming to my website! I've been singing a lot more lately.  Along with the weddings, parties, and proms that I do every weekend.  I've been singing at lots of places.  Many different types of places, too.  To repay my college scholarships, I sing at about 15 different senior living places a month.  Some of you know that I got scholarships by singing to old ladies :) So now, I've found the best way to cause smiles is singing a little Sinatra with a touch of Temptations to some old folks. 

Other than that, Bailey and I just recently upgraded to IPHONES for business reasons.  And also because they became cheap enough :) That led me to the very small purchase of a looper app called VoiceJam.  It allows me to record and "loop" my voice.  I've been having way too much fun with it. 

This is NOT the kind of thing I sing at receptions or to old folks.  This is just me getting harmonies out of my head that have not had a proper outlet.  Enyoy.